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Starting as a founding crew member of CNN, Verna has written for TIME Magazine, Reuters International, The Guardian, Troy Public Radio and numerous other outlets. Verna has received a lifetime achievement award from the National Federation of Presswomen. Her current specialties include features and travel.

Tour Guide

If you would like to tour Birmingham or the state of Alabama, Verna can provide all the arrangements as she guides you through the sights. A gifted storyteller, she is well versed in the history of the state. She can craft a personal interest itinerary or take you on one these great trips:

  • Feel the Magic: Ready for the best party you ever went to? Try out an authentic juke joint where the blues are always rocking. Walk the Civil Rights Trail to see how Birmingham changed the nation. Eat BBQ at a gas station to one of the finest restaurants in the country. Drink beer in a former bordello where a real elephant guzzled right from the barrel. From the largest collection of motorcycles to the largest collection of Wedgwood outside of England, Birmingham is full of excitement and surprises.
  • space campRockin' Rockets: Ever want to be an astronaut? Then come to Space Camp! Train like an astronaut on a mission to the International Space Station and shoot for the moon - see what feels like to walk on that mysterious guardian of the night. After enjoying a little weightlessness, we add some pounds with great dining. Adult Space Camp attracts people from all over the U.S and the world. Then, get earthy with the music you are still rockin' out to: Mustang Sally, When a Man Loves a Woman, Brown Sugar, and R.E.S.P.E.C.T. - find out what it means to me! The Muscle Shoals' Swampers put the funk into music history - meet the legends. We'll hear great music, eat soul food and high cuisine, and reach for the stars.
  • Crazy in Alabama book coverAlabama Literary Tour: In what is considered a golden era in American novels, a third of the Pulitzer Prizes in Literature were awarded to writers from two states: Alabama and Mississippi, creating forever the mystique of the Southern writer. Journey into the small town that nurtured greatness in Harper Lee, Truman Capote and Mark Childress. Walk the steps of a writer who changed America, Martin Luther King, Jr. Visit the ghost of F. Scott Fitzgerald's muse and explore the murky delta that inspired two-time Pulitzer winner, E.O. Wilson, ranked as the top scientist in the world. We will meet experts on our writers and there is a reading list for this traveling book club adventure!
  • Alabama Wonders: Insect larvae that lights up a canyon wall - so rare it only occurs here and New Zealand, The largest confluence of bats emerging from a cave east of the Mississippi. Canyons where famed outlaws hid from justice. Wild, free-flowing rivers teaming with rare plants blooming right on the shoals. One of the top three Coal Age fossil sites in the world. See some of the wonders Alabama has to offer.
  • Mardi Gras revelersMobile Mardi Gras: Experience rock star bead power as you march in Mardi Gras Parade. Indulge in the glamour of a Mardi Gras Ball - in your tux and tails or dress to the floor, please. Mobile, Alabama was the original Carnival in the Americas and we will explore its rich history while we learn the real meaning of Fat Tuesday! (Lots of great food and drinks as we party Mardi Gras style.) We lave lots of parades -- a kid's parade, a female crew parade in a small town, a boat parade and one with fire-breathing dragons. We will eat Moon Pie Banana Pudding and other great food. And, we will tour that beautiful old port city by seeing a few home museums.
  • Plus: 100 Dishes to Eat in Alabama Before You Die Tour; Bama Beach Bum Tour; Civil Rights Tour and more!


Are you interested having Verna as your tour guide?

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